How do you veg out?

VEG OUT(a state of total physical apathy) is a platform for sharing recipes, experiences and daily occurrences. so that we can share that time with each other sharing stories.


After years of working in the hospitality industry all around the world, I decided in January 2017 to go plant-based. While I still work in an industry where animal products are around me, I focus my efforts on creating plant-based recipes to be used as menu options so there will be a wider offer for those who have dietary preferences,  are plant curious or just feel like having food with no aminal products. My cooking aims to create a more local plant-based kitchen; one that is less coconutee, casheweee, chia seedee, and instead more local plants, seed and legumes, with an aim to create a vegan kitchen that provides a good backbone to our local farmers, growers and businesses (although don’t get me wrong, every now and then I enjoy a good old smashed avo or chocolate truffles). I will share my recipes with you so that you may enjoy them as well.

I am married to an amazing woman, Steph, an omnivore! She is my guinea pig (don’t really like that term but you know what I mean) when it comes to checking out Vegan restaurants, events, and products, which is actually very interesting because I get  to see what omnivores think of plant-based products, which helps me better understand what is the way forward in creating a more sustainable future. She is incredibly supportive and understanding and puts up with my vegan tantrums and I am incredibly grateful to have her by my side. We will post reviews of us going to vegan restaurants and will do a “his and hers” experience review!

Another part of my vegging out routine (other than eating sleeping, napping, and cooking) is exercise. I enjoy running and swimming, and although I am not amazing in either, I give it all I got and I firmly believe that in order to truly “veg out” you need to implement some form of exercise/daily meditation routine, to remove emotional and mental clutter. When I was younger I struggled with weight issues, reaching a high of 121 Kgs(19 stone) at the age of 14. Exercise and controlled eating helped me lose weight reaching 74 kgs at my lowest weight. When the excitement of the weight loss journey settled, confusion took over, and I started developing different eating disorders. I will share real stories of what its like to deal with these feelings and will offer tricks and tips to handle the situation in the most effective manner in further posts. If you are dealing with eating disorders of any sort please tune in and share your stories.

I am thriving on a plant-based diet, however, I do not feel like I am in a position to preach, lecture or tell people to follow a certain checklist or what to do with their lives. I can only share with you what works for me and makes me happy.

These are the subjects I have an interest in and would like to share it with everyone, so if you have anything that you can contribute, use your veg out time to share it with us.

Please leave comments below and let us know, how you veg out.

Peace and love






To veg out -to relax in a lazy and inattentive way


Author: dorvegout

Plant-based chef. Married to an Amazing woman. I cook plant, run slow and veg out. I share the things I love most about life and ask for advice regarding things I struggle with.

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